Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Attorneys for Victims of Malnutrition from Neglect

Nursing homes are obligated to care for seniors’ basic needs, including nourishment. This includes appetizing and healthful meals designed to meet the individual dietary requirements of each resident. Unfortunately, malnutrition is a shockingly common occurrence in nursing home facilities throughout the United States. Reports of dehydration, rapid weight loss, illness, and other health problems linked to malnutrition affirm this concern as one of the most prevalent deficiencies found in nursing home facilities. Malnutrition from neglect in nursing homes is inexcusable.

If your loved one suffered malnutrition and mistreatment in a nursing home, speak to a nursing home abuse attorney at Baron & Budd today. We are here to help people like you fight for the justice your loved one deserves.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

  • Muscular Complications
    Without proper nutrition, muscles weaken and become inept. As the body uses nutrients to sustain tissue and bodily functions, muscles loose the vital nutrients they need. As a result, even simple tasks like sitting up and walking become difficult or impossible.
  • Cognitive Identifiers
    Malnutrition not only affects the body, but also the mind. Without proper vitamins and nutrition, your ability to think clearly will decrease. Other cognitive symptoms are irritability, confusion, difficulty remembering, and dementia-like behavior.
  • Skin Problems
    The skin is the body’s largest organ. As such, it is a powerful indicator of your health and well-being. As malnutrition takes effect, skin may become dull and yellowish in color. Additionally, the skin beneath the fingernails may turn white.
  • Complications of the Mouth
    Signs of elderly malnutrition appear in the mouth as well. If your loved one is not receiving proper nutrition, his / her mouth may become bright red and suffer small, open sores. White patches on the tongue and inside of the cheeks may indicate a yeast infection.
  • Eye Complications
    The eyes are another indicator of malnutrition. If the body does not receive enough nutrition, the eyes may become red and glassy. In advanced cases, the corneas swell, and the victim’s vision becomes blurry and weak.

Put over 35 Years of Experience on Your Side

Malnutrition stems from an attitude of disrespect and abuse. This underlying feeling of indifference leads to serious gaps in nursing home care, including physical abuse and neglect. If a nursing home failed to provide the food and hydration your loved one needs, you have the right to seek compensation. Through a nursing home abuse lawsuit with Baron & Budd, you can send a powerful message and fight for the justice your family and loved one deserves.

Speak with an experienced attorney today. We are here to help your family fight for what is right, so call Baron & Budd to discuss your case with a nursing home abuse lawyer.

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