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At Baron & Budd, our mission is simple: to protect what is right. If your loved one suffered sexual abuse in a nursing home, we can help you fight for justice through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. We are passionate about helping people and we believe that victims of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment have the right to financial compensation for their damages. With our nursing home abuse lawyers on your side, you can send a strong message: Elders deserve justice and respect.

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Understanding the Problem: Elders & Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a prevalent threat to the safety of elders in nursing homes. This type of abuse includes molestation, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual contact. According to research, the following types of abuse are present in care facilities throughout the United States:

  • Abuse by Nursing Home Personnel – This type of abuse occurs when the facility fails to conduct adequate background checks on staff and new hires. When a care facility fails to research potential employees’ backgrounds, residents are at risk of sexual abuse.
  • Abuse by Other Residents – Most nursing homes are co-ed, heightening the potential for sexual threats or misconduct between residents. Residents who are weaker or unable to communicate effectively are at the highest risk of suffering sexual abuse from another resident.
  • Abuse by a Stranger – without proper security, nursing homes not only allow wandering residents to leave the premises, but enable unwanted strangers to enter the home. If a stranger gains access to the facility and sexually abuses residents, the nursing home is liable for this abuse.

Is your loved one at risk of sexual abuse?

Some nursing home residents are more likely to suffer abuse than others.

Some of the risk factors include:

  • The staff-to-resident ratio (facilities with fewer staff members per resident experience higher rates of sexual abuse)
  • Sexual abuse prevention policies (facilities without a policy to prevent sexual abuse place residents at a higher risk of mistreatment)
  • Nursing homes with a longstanding history of sexual abuse are more likely to have instances of sexual abuse in the future
  • The overwhelming majority of victims in nursing homes are women, placing them at a higher risk of sexual abuse compared to men
  • High rate of sexual abuse with dementia patients

Know the Warning Signs & Take Action

If you identify the warning signs of sexual abuse, now is the time to take action against the nursing home liable for your loved one’s suffering. We high recommend contacting an experienced lawyer for sexual abuse in nursing home cases. Physical and behavioral symptoms of sexual abuse include:

  • Bruising near the breasts, buttocks, or inner thighs
  • Unexplained blood on undergarments / torn undergarments
  • Infection in genital area / new or unexplained STD
  • Emotional withdrawal and depression
  • Sudden fear of a specific individual
  • Suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • Difficulty sleeping, including nightmares
  • Unexplained and sudden anxiety

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If someone you love suffered sexual abuse under the care and supervision of a negligent nursing home, we may be able to help you seek compensation through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. We have served clients for over 35 years; let us use our knowledge and experience to fight for the justice your loved one deserves.

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